Monday, July 23, 2012

Everybody Loves.

Everybody loves a lot of different people.  They don't love some more than others, the love is just different for each one.  You love your parents, your children, your friends etc.  You love them all the same, however the love you have for each one is different for each one.

The love you have for your parents includes respect, honor and trust, for your children it's nurturing, discipline, and play time.  You love your son for being your son, and your daughter for being your daughter, not one more than the other, just different for they are different.

 For each one of your friends, it's different for each one, some you go out and have a good time with, some you share your secrets with, some you are able to talk with on just about anything.  If you are in a relationship do not expect that person to love you the same way they did with someone they were with previously, it will not happen.  It doesn't mean that they love you any less or more, it means the love they have for you is different because you are a different person.  The love they have for you is for you alone, so why would you want them to love you the way they have loved someone else.  If they did that love would not be solely yours.

It is not a good idea to wish that someone love you the way they loved someone else, because if they loved you like that, they would be thinking of the other person and wanting to be with them.  Love and be loved with the uniqueness for each individual that comes into your life.  Do not try to love someone the way you loved someone else it will never work.

Always remember that everyone is different and unique and therefor we all love everyone in our lives in a different and unique way, not more not less, just different.

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